Sadness + Happiness

Hey you guysssss!

Long time no talk. So so many things to talk about right now. First off, how has it already been over a YEAR since Fika Coffee Bar got started?? Let me just say that the first year has been INCREDIBLE. It started slow, but that was good. There was a lot of time to iron out details and honestly just figure out what the heck I was even doing. We had gotten to a point where we were almost completely booked, which is pretty cool. Of course life has a funny way of humbling you when you least expect it. One afternoon when we were on the way home from our normal spot, Little Creek Base, a deer ran in the road and got hit by the car in front of us. The car drove away, but the poor deer was left injured in the road. We had to stop to avoid hitting him also. Unfortunately the truck that was driving behind us (who also happened to have an RV attached) wasn’t able to stop in time and ran into us. At first I didn’t realize what happened, and thought it was a tiny fender bender. Boy was I mistaken. When I got out of my car I realized that his truck was COMPLETELY inside of the camper. I mean he literally crushed the back and blew the sides out. My sweet little camper was totally destroyed. I had put so much time, work, money, sweat and love into this camper and I was completely crushed. Somehow everyone involved in the accident was not injured (THANK GOODNESS) and that’s really the most important thing to remember. As heart breaking as this was, the truck is replaceable…our lives aren't. I have been filled with so much gratitude since this accident and realize just how fortunate I am to have such a good life. The greatest friends and family, food on our table, a roof over our head, and the insanely supportive community that we live in. As soon as the accident happened, I received countless calls, messages, emails, offerings of service, love and support and it honestly blew me away. We actually had a local news station cover the story, which was crazy. If you’re into watching the most awkward lady ever talk….go check it out haha. As quickly as things fall apart, even more beautiful things come together! Eager to get back up and running, a few days after the accident I found a truck in Philly that I was low key OBSESSED with. Actually nothing low key about it, I wouldn't shut up. So here we are, driving to Philly to buy a truck I had never seen before. Now I realize I probably should have done a little more investigating past the carfax BUT thats a story for later. Anywho, as soon as I saw the truck I knew it had to be mine. It had been a coffee truck previously in multiple states and before that it was a postal truck…cooooooool! So the drive from Philly back to Pungo was super interesting. The headlights barely worked, there was definitely no heat, the charging plug didn’t work and I can only sing so many show tunes to myself before I go crazy, but hey the windshield wipers worked?!?!?! Small victories, am I right?! I finally got that sweet baby home and started some work on her. About a week later I went to start the truck up to go get inspected and registered and what do you know… wouldn't start. Had to be one of the batteries right? NOPE. Nothing worked and I had to get it towed to a mechanic to try and figure out the issue. Little did I know at that time that 5 months later it would STILL be in the shop as I’m writing this. Its fine. I’m fine. This has really been a lesson in patience that I’m pretty sure I needed. After work began on the truck, I had some friends reach out to me who own a coffee shop down the street here in Pungo, and let me know they wanted to go mobile and wanted to see if I was interested in working together. WHAT. It’s such a weird thing to think about sharing my business when I’ve done everything all by myself so far. We had multiple meetings and finally came to the decision to partner together! I am soooo (I mean sooooo) happy that we decided to work together. We share the same love for coffee, culture, community commitment, and at times some really weird humor. In this short time that we have gotten to know each other more and start planning this new business, everyone involved has become family to me. The support and love has been REAL and I’m so thankful. Now if we can just get this stinking’ truck up and running! Hope to see all of your perfect faces soon!!!! Love you all so so so much and couldn’t be more grateful.

(I’ll post some photos down here so you can cry from sadness and happiness all in 5 minutes)