Hello World!

         Ever since I can remember, I have dreamed about opening up a coffee shop. I can't tell you how many vacant buildings we drove by that I absolutely fell in love with and thought about how perfect it would be for my coffee shop. It always seemed like an amazing idea, but the time never felt right, or we had too much going on at the time. Recently a dear friend of mine passed away. I went to New Mexico for his memorial, where I got to meet handfuls of incredible friends and family that meant so much to him. While talking with some of them, I found out that he too had been on the "coffee shop kick" and was interested in opening one. That was it. Not only did I feel instantly connected to these people, because we all shared such a deep respect and understanding for our late friend, but I had found the push and purpose I was looking for. Now it's my chance to open this coffee shop and honor my friend, and keep his values and understanding of others at the top of my priority list for this new business. I had the hardest time trying to figure out a name for the coffee shop.

         Originally I wanted something to do with New Mexico, or have some influences from Mexico. That was a bust. I couldn't find anything that really embodied the culture and meaning behind the shop, by just looking at the logo. I recently found out that I was quite a bit Scandinavian, so for fun I thought I would do some research about Scandinavia. There is was.... Fika. Fika means "to meet up, have coffee and chit chat." I found it. This is exactly what I have been focusing my life on, and want to help others do the same. Slow down, live in the moment, and embrace where you are in life right now. We all get so easily wrapped in the business of life and can forget to listen and have real conversations with others.

         I am hoping that Fika Coffee Bar will help the community come together, get to know each other and make memories. I am excited to be able to mix the convenience of a food truck and the warmth of a coffee shop.

- Kathleen