Camp Badassery2017

Just by the title of this blog post, I bet you can guess how I feel about a few weekends ago when I went to a girls camp. Not only was it my first mini pop-up for coffee (which was a HUGE hit), I met so many amazing women, we made lots of awesome crafts, had a bonfire and of course champagne, and got to send of a bunch of Chinese lanterns :) This past year has been rough for me finding a good "girl group" and especially with us moving out to the middle of no where. I am starting to meet so many ladies who I just LOVE and it feels so awesome to be empowered by them & return that empowerment to them. I now have FOUR events booked for Fika Coffee Bar & it isn't even open yet....Talk about AMAZING! The very first one will be on November 25th at the Coral Caravan Holiday Market at Cromwell's Produce in Pungo. I will add all of the details in the calendar on this website so that you can check it out!!! As always, I will post about it on Instagram and Facebook so be sure to check those out as well! I have a few specialty surprise drinks up my sleeve for that event that I cant wait to share with you! I hope everyone is enjoying this chilly weather, as in: staying inside by the fire in your pajamas with LOTS of coffee :)

Thanks for reading y'all and I love ya!



(All photos below by Skylar Wyatt Photography)