Finally Fall!

Alright y'all, who else is LOVING the start of this fall weather? I know we definitely are. I mean.....finally not sweating our faces off the minute we walk out of the door, humidity is gone, a constant smell of fire in the air, coffee ALL DAY (but let's be honest that happens anyway) and my faaaavorite is visiting all of the local farms that start selling their goodies & have tons of things for the kids to do. My favorite is Cullipher Farms (which I will link their pumpkin patch address below!) We visit their farm stand regularly throughout the summer for the absolute BEST sweet corn & pretty much every fresh vegetable you can imagine. This is their pumpkin patch opening weekend and it couldn't come soon enough! They are open 10am-6pm and of course hours may change due to weather. Just a few of the activities they have are a sunflower maze for little ones, a cotton maze that our 6 & 9 year old went through and made it out alive, and the Corn Maze, which we did as a family. Well...sort of as a family, we split up and my competitive side came out and of course Dakota & I won haha :)! They also have u-pick pumpkins, kids play area with a huge hay mountain, wagon rides, and of course gorgeous views for dayyyyyys. For sale in the huge barn are their delicious ciders, jams, jellies, butters, you name it!!! I couldn't recommend this place enough, and can't wait to go back! Actually....I think were going now! :)